Some Tips for Better Results!

Chris Jackson

Posted on August 12 2018

🌿 This comes from talking with and helping countless people get good results taking Harmony Probiotic Blend. First, it's very important to have the viewpoint that all bodies are different. A person's diet, medication and health history, gut and overall health differ from person to person. I've seen many people get better results when they take Harmony before bed, and I've often heard that sleep was improved, as well.  

Don't be afraid to take more than one capsule!  Feel free to play with the dosage and see what works best for YOU. (If you're ever not feeling well, try taking more to give the immune system a boost.) Drink lots of water to support digestion and any detoxification that may be happening. 

We are easy to reach and happy to help you directly! 🌿

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