Probiotics for Kids!

Chris Jackson

Posted on July 20 2017

🌿 Kids need probiotics, too! Why? Any child born via C-section or who was not breastfed is automatically at a disadvantage, since they missed out on vital friendly bacteria that they need. Friendly bacteria are so important to life that newborns receive them during a natural birth and through breastfeeding. Also, any child who has taken antibiotics needs to be replenish the healthy bacteria that is destroyed during antibiotic use. Lastly, since they live in the same society that we do, they are susceptible to environmental toxins, radiation, eating sugar, food preservatives, medication, etc. -- all of which destroy friendly bacteria, resulting in digestive issues and a weakened immune system Harmony Probiotic Blend is tasteless, so the capsules can be opened and mixed into soft foods, for little ones who can't swallow capsules. Create wellness! 🌿

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